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Search Engine Optimisation, simply put, is a set of activities designed to increase the number of targeted visitors to your website, coming from search engines.

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When people want to find something, they use Google. Google accounts for around 95% of online searches made in New Zealand.


Search Engine Optimisation (commonly known as SEO) gives you long term organic traffic. To get traffic to your website you need a well optimised website, using keywords.


SEO consists of two parts, OFF PAGE and ON PAGE.


OFF PAGE SEO - is the work done outside your website, such as backlinks.  Backlinks put simply are references from other websites linking back to yours.


ON PAGE SEO - is work done in the website itself, such as website content, meta tags, meta descriptions and titles.  All of which need to be optimised with keywords.


Google uses the on page and off page information to determine if it is a quality website. If it is, your website rises up the search rankings. The higher a website ranks in the search engines, the more traffic, the more business, ultimately the more profit you make from the website.


SEO is a medium to long term commitment, requiring a number of tactical and strategic SEO activities. If you want to gain a competitive edge, Digicol offers a white hat SEO service that includes:


⇒ Link Building
⇒ Keyword and key phrase research
⇒ Content
⇒ On Page Analysis
⇒ Competitor Analysis
⇒ Monthly Reports


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